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    The part of this disagreement that particularly irritates me is that we know AOS4 was developed directly from AOS3.1 source code.
    Where is the proof that AInc ever had the right to use any Amiga intellectual property?
    Amino was a licensee of trademarks.
    Bill McEwen apparent intention (originally) was to use AmigaDE as a basis for new Amigas.

    Since then, AInc has tried (and failed) to acquire the intellectual property of both the MorphOS development team and Hyperion.

    The contention that the MorphOS team used AOS3.1 source as a basis for MorphOS is not only invalid, it fails to address another major point.
    The 'real' AmigaOS that Hyperion HAS developed from AOS3.1 may not be validly licensed.
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