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    Did he? Really?

    Pft. ;)


    Yes, I could have worded my question more carefully and added the question "does the MorphOS Exec contain any code that was part of the Phase5 Exec, which is claimed to have copied comments within it?"

    Well, if the alleged comments were indeed in the phase5 exec, they would have been there legitimately (due to Petro as several have mentioned earlier), however I strongly doubt there are any parts of phase5's exec in the MorphOS exec. Though I haven't seen neither phase5 nor AmigaOS code, I have had access to MorphOS code since the 0.x days, and I haven't seen any comments, or code (which would have been really surprising) for that matter, in exec that looked like it originated elsewhere (and with laire's style you can tell ;) ). Additionally, since then large parts of exec have been rewritten by Emm, Piru, Zuikkis and myself to name a few, so whatever remains of ancient code is fairly simple stuff...

    Anyway, too much time wasted on yet another rehash of unsubstantiated claims, next time point to the relevant thread (in this case; this one) with answers and demand a put-up-or-shut-up (and an apology would be nice as well).

    - CISC
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