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    Also, I'd like to add that US laws (thankfully) don't apply globally. In sane parts of the world reverse engineering for the purposes of interoperability is allowed.

    Piru are you sure this is the case?

    As the local legal statement says here (copyright act implementing relevant EU Directive):

    (...) (...) reverse engineering is allowed (...) as long as this is for the purpose of interoperability (...) but as long as this does not yield producing a program of signifficantly similar form.

    Besides, I myself wish US copyright regarding programs (patents n stuff) was implemented in EU. Saying no (like yourself) is a typical consumer attitude (or the attitude that shows not seeing why that was implemented that way). Anyway I claim my attitude is the ony one supporting commercial programmers or parties.

    And espacially damn those who do not possess $$$$$$$$$$$ for making it a 'whatever' case.

    And you seem quite one, at least until MorphOS gets freeware...
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