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    So, is Andy Finkel lying to Dave Haynie about seeing the comments within the MorphOS source code?

    You misunderstood. Andy Finkel has never seen the MorphOS source code. Nobody said otherwise.

    What Mr. Haynie claimed was that Andy Finkel once evaluated a piece of software that Phase5, a now defunct German company, provided to Amiga Technologies, which was owned by the defunct company ESCOM and former owner of all Amiga rights. This piece of software allegedly contained source code comments made by Andy Finkel.

    Since the founder of MorphOS, Ralph Schmidt, used to do software development for Phase 5, Mr. Haynie is convinced that Ralph Schmidt is a crook just because of his former affiliation with Phase 5.


    Maybe MorphOS is clean, maybe not. Maybe no one actually knows. But that's such a transgression, I wouldn't trust anyone involved in Phase 5, or any code that can be traced back to Phase 5.

    Of course, his statement makes about as much sense as saying that Mr. Haynie should in no way be trusted because he used to work for the infamous company Merlancia Industries... and the equally infamous Metabox.

    (Unlike both of these companies, Phase 5 actually produced products that were of value to Amiga users and available to buy.)
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