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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >>>> "Heinz Wrobel [...] suggested doing AmigaOS for PowerPC new from scratch,
    >>>> and completely off-the-shelf hardware"

    >>> Dave? Are you sure you and Andy weren't considering copying...our OS?

    >> Apart from the fact that this would've required a time machine, the suggestion
    >> was by Heinz Wrobel, not by Dave or Andy.

    > I was merely suggesting that Dave and Andy might take the suggestion seriously.

    Considering that Dave and Heinz were not in line apparently regarding the hardware plans (custom chips "Pebbles" and "Bam-Bam" vs. completely off-the-shelf hardware), you might be jumping to conclusions assuming that Dave/Andy and Heinz were in line regarding the OS. At least from Dave's statements at hand I can't see what his stance was back then.

    No Andreas, I'm not prepared to make any statement as to Haynie's past or present stance either.
    Its just interesting knowing that the options, even at this point, were similar to those we have considered (except for the custom chip options, which I guess the FPGA fanatics are now looking at now).

    In any case, it was actually kind of neat having Dave offer up this little piece of history.
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