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    When you save the script file, it should save with a project icon anyway (depending on your editing application of choice).

    If there is no .info file, just copy an .info file from anywhere else and rename it to be the same as your script filename but with an .info extension (eg if your script file is called 'script1', name the .info file as 'script1.info').

    Once there is an icon, just make sure the script flag is set (select the icon, go to information, ensure 'script' box is ticked).

    It should now mount the shared drive upon startup, appearing as an icon on your desktop. If the shared drive is not switched on when you start your MorphOS machine, then it will simply not be mounted.

    To avoid annoying con window opening, you may want to add the >NIL: option, eg:

    run >nil: STACK=65536 SMBFS workgroup=[your workgroup name] user=[user name] service=//[share host name]/[share path] volume=[whatever name you want it mounted as]

    From memory, it is also important to add the "stack=" arguement, but I'm sure that the readme will have explained this.

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