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    > https://morph.zone/modules/newbb_plus/viewtopic.php?forum=3&topic_id=7001&start=745
    > I can imagine that Varisys base the Nemo successor(s) on their VM400 product,
    > which would mean that the 2 new A-Eon systems could be a cheaper lower end
    > system with P3041 chip running at, say, 1.2 GHz, and a more expensive higher
    > end system with P5020 chip at 2.2 GHz, all using the same basic board design
    > thanks to the pin compatibility of the chips.

    A slide from Trevor's AmiWest 2012 presentation (direct link, Youtube) reads like this:

    "Future PowerPC Possibilities
    - e500mc : 32-bit, quad-core - Mid-level machine
    - e5500 : 64-bit, dual-core - Power machine

    This goes very much in line with my speculations above. A quad-e500mc chip (running at 1.5 GHz, which Trevor mentions in his talk) would mean either the P3041 or the P4040 (P2041 wouldn't be pin-compatible), and a dual-e5500 chip (running at 2.2 GHz, also mentioned by Trevor) would mean either the P5020 or the P5021.
    The codenames for those two Nemo successors seem to be "Cyrus" and "Breezin" (don't know which is which). Trevor adds: "These will not be ready for a long time."
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