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    > The e5500 has a clock speed lead right now. Eventually, the e6500 may
    > catch up and its multi-threaded.

    Multi-threading may or may not be true for the e6500 core variant to be used in the T5 (provided the T5 has not been cancelled anyway, that is). Refer to:


    > the number of cores that will be offered on e6500 cored products
    > almost borders on the silly.

    ...for use in desktop-centric systems like A-Eon's, yes. Should the T5 arrive, it will have less (but higher clocked) cores than T4 with its current maximum of 12 cores in the T4240. The 4-core T2080 is an interesting chip as well btw.

    > Both you, and I, and a few others like Magnetic and AmigaDave are apparently going
    > to get our wish and see some new (and really cool) PPC products introduced.

    I don't know about amigadave, but judging by Magnetic's past postings on that matter I'm quite sure that new PPC hardware (and a port of OS4 or MorphOS to it) is not what Magnetic wishes for.
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