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    Jim schrieb:

    This is where ARM starts to look seductive. Remember the last ARM evaluation board I mentioned to you? $200!
    Find me a $200 PPC board (let alone a manufacturers evaluation board).

    The MPC 5125 eval board is 119 US$ ( http://www.freescale.com/webapp/sps/site/prod_summary.jsp?code=TWR-MPC5125-KIT&fsrch=1&sr=3 ), but is intended for usage with the Freescale Tower system. While the 5125 is probbaly not what you had in mind, I still rate it one of the most interesting ppcs out there. Sure, it is very low end, but has a very competetive price tag and MorphOS on a e300/400 runs okay.
    But situation is, nobody comes around willing to invest making a 50 US$ low end board happen and the MorphOS-Team would probably be not too euphoric about an e300 again. But if you wanted to do a actually sellable ppc system the 5125 would be pretty high on my list. The 86xx ship unfortunately has more or less sailed, next chance for a modest powerful ppc system will be with the Altivec enabled QorIQs, but it will take a litle time until they arrive.

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