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    Jim wrote:


    I don't think jcmarcos referred to designing a new board

    Oh yes I did! I wanted also to point out my frustration about how much easier is to make you own computer with other CPU architectures... It's a pity PowerPC is so expensive and hard to source. Maybe every PowerPC provider sucks?


    rather to using existing eval boards.

    Well, that's how the Pegasos started. You buy a single eval board, and blatantly copy it for you new computer. In the process, you will be tempted to add some bits you want, and remove others you don't.

    (I can feel the audience's boredom at rading this - OK! :-D)


    He's never priced a PPC evaluation board.

    Sure, but I know these toys are expensive. BUt why on earth do I have to stand that a Beagleboard costs just a hundred bucks? It actually IS an evaluation board, for god's sake. Why can't we PowerPC lovers have the same treatment? And yet again, how the hell does LimePC do what they do?


    the $4000 I was quoted for the FreescaleHPCN-MPC8641D

    Many people would devote those four grands to anything else but hardware you are not going to see in the market. By the way, you mentioned ten grand, are you saying that's enough to make a new computer out of nothing (plus an eval board to copy, of course)?


    That's kind of why I was curious about jcmarco's comment about building a computer.

    I was hoping for someone to stand up with those ten grand. It's Christmas after all, the time for miracles. Oh boy, I've just realized the world is in crisis.


    Semiconductor manufacturers don't want to sell you motherboards (those are design examples - proof of concept). They want to sell you the components to populate motherboards.

    And most of them, if you ask for less than a zillion units, just don't hear you. Legitimate, but hurting, don't you think? Then, a different provider treats you better, and you end up building a different computer. You also wave goodbye forever to the first provider, giving them your "best" wishes.


    This is where we need someone as foolhardy like Trevor

    Oh, fantastic: Has he (or better say, the people he has convinced) some ten grand left for us? By the way, you weren't around back ni the age when Genesi WAS MorphOS, were you.


    we'd end up with something as expensive as the X1000

    Nope, there's chips out there for something cheaper. Remember the original Efika. Only, this time, with the MPC8610, or something similar. But then, some crook asks you four grand for a single unit. Can you keep any desire left to build a computer around that CPU? Go figure. Jeez, freescale should be giving away eval boards for their products!


    This is where ARM starts to look seductive.

    Want a surprise? That's exactly what freescale thought: Instead of making PowerPC (your key market) accesible for developers, you switch to ARM. Of course people who've been there for years like Samsung and Texas instruments are sissies you can easily defeat.

    quote]Remember the last ARM evaluation board I mentioned to you? $200![(quote]

    Would you pleas stop torturing me already? :-D
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