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    > "AltiVec SIMD has long been recognized for its performance in the
    > PowerQUICC processor line"
    > http://www.freescale.com/webapp/sps/site/homepage.jsp?code=QORIQ_HOME
    > AltiVec in PowerQUICC? Huh? While it's true that they present QorIQ P1 to P3
    > as PowerQUICC replacements and QorIQ P4 and P5 as MPC86xx replacements
    > that surely doesn't make MPC86xx a PowerQUICC, does it? Are they now trying
    > to retroactively subsume MPC86xx (or even MPC74xx) as PowerQUICC?

    Just discovered that Freescale indeed lists the MPC8610 as PowerQUICC III (while MPC864x is listed as "Host Processor") there:


    Furthermore, MPC74xx and MPC86xx are listed in Freescale's 'PowerQUICC and QorIQ Processor Selector Guide':


    Explanation that adds up, anybody?
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