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    Very valid point about the end of the 68K.

    And, yes, they appear to have given some early Titan products to select customers. You and I will never see one.\

    Your last point is the one that baffles me too. Why not migrate Titan to a finer process? Wouldn't that afford the possibility of higher clocking?

    Does the loss of their design partner to Apple mean that some part of the intellectual property behind Titan can no longer be used?

    And I'm further confused by their references to IBM design components.

    Does either Titan or the PPC465 use significant design elements from their older IBM licensed products?

    Edit - I do want to add a final note on both your and Zylesea's distress at Freescale's failure to communicate its intentions.
    They must have lost, fired, or transferred a lot of employees when they shifted focus.
    My contact at the company is no longer working there and even though I've received product samples since Motorola introduced the 6829MMU, no one had been given any of my representatives contact files.
    To summarize, I had to reintroduce myself to a company I'd formed a relationship with in the '80's.
    Frankly, you wonder at times how dis-coordinated Freescale's various endeavors are.

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