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    > What's also a nice destail in this news item is that Freescale does not
    > list the network and telecomunications as target only but also medical,
    > military, printing, robotocs and video systems.

    I guess that networking and telco is the target application of present QorIQ (i.e. without AltiVec), while coming QorIQ with AltiVec will (also) target the other fields (like MPC86xx to date).

    > My impression was that QorIQ was yet marketed as powerQUICC replacement

    As I told you already, Freescale's Power Architecture roadmap has explicitly been painting the QorIQ P4 and P5 chip families as replacements for the MPC86xx chip family. QorIQ P1 to P3 is supposed to replace PowerQUICC I to PowerQUICC III. At least that's what the roadmap presentation depicts.
    It seems that Freescale has come to realizing that chips without AltiVec aren't quite adequate as replacements for chips with AltiVec. Future QorIQ chips with AltiVec will be regarded by 3rd parties as the real de-facto MPC86xx successors, as opposed to the presently announced/available QorIQ P4 and P5 chips without AltiVec which are regarded by 3rd parties only as "de-jure" successors to the MPC86xx, if at all.

    > which more or less targeted the network/telco market only.

    By far not all PowerQUICC chips even have the QUICC engine. I guess that's part of Freescale's intention to deliberately confuse (potential) customers ;-) PowerQUICC as a whole not only targets network/telco but also imaging/video, (multifunctional) printing, industrial control/robotics, measurement, storage and even military.

    I wonder if Freescale will implement AltiVec in QorIQ
    a) as a sub-unit of e500/e5500 core (like with e600) and thus create new core(s) or
    b) as a coprocessor unit to e500/e5500 core or
    c) simply by taking e600 core and continuing its development (i.e. e600 based QorIQ) ;-)
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