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    >> Seems we know at least the name of the Titan
    >> replacement core based processor: APM86xxx.

    > "Applied Micro will announce a new family of multicore SoC processors that use
    > SMP and AMP architectures to address the demanding needs of applications
    > within the Enterprise, Data Center, Industrial, Gateways / Access Point, and more."
    > http://www.appliedmicro.com/events/linley2010.php
    > http://www.linleygroup.com/Seminars/conference_fall_program_day1.html
    > http://www.linleygroup.com/Seminars/conference_fall_talks.html

    Seems like the APM86xxx's Power Architecture core(s) may be complemented by a nice co-processor core:



    I found an interesting PDF presentation file dating August 2010 over there.
    The most interesting pages are #16, which shows a product roadmap mentioning "Future Viper SoCs", and #18, which reads "Viper Technology -> Breakthrough Performance at Disruptive Cost Basis".
    To my surprise, the roadmap on page 16 still contains the Titan core based "Gemini" (APM83290), which had been semi-officially declared dead one month before. Strange.

    Further insightful (but older) documents are this one (August 2009) and that one (October/November 2009). Both documents's pages 11 show a product roadmap including not only Titan (still vivid at that time) but also dummy-named products "PPC-A" ("Avail 1H 2010"), "PPC-B" ("Avail 2H 2010") and "PPC-C" ("Avail 1H 2012").

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