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    >> how willing pointing point operations compare between
    >> the 5500 and the Titan?

    > All processors from Applied Micro which have an FPU [...] deliver 2.0 MFLOPS per MHz in
    > both single and double precision. [...] compared to the e500mc the e5500 has twice the
    > single precision performance per clock and up to quadruple the double precision
    > performance per clock. [...] Freescale's e500mc presentation notes that e500mc has
    > "same floating point unit as e300", but which is half clocked in relation to the core clock
    > and thus half performant. So I'd conclude that compared to the e300 the e5500 has the
    > same single precision performance per clock and up to twice the double precision
    > performance per clock. Now we only need the floating point performance figures for the
    > e300 to get the whole picture ;-)

    I found that 603e/G2_LE/"e300c0" does only 0.4 MFLOPS per MHz according to a posting on powerdeveloper.org:


    I don't know if that's single or double precision (or even both) but either way if both my interpretation of that figure and my assumptions above are correct, then it doesn't bode too well for the floating point performance of the e5500 in general as well as compared to the Titan (or probably rather its replacement) specifically.
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