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    > Performance per watt figures don't scare me
    > as much as that next comment

    Really? That comment is in no way surprising to me. The "e5500" bar in the leftmost chart shows the e5500 at 2.2 GHz, i.e. 6600 DMIPS. The "MaxPerf" bar to the right is twice as high as the "e5500" bar, i.e. 13200 DMIPS. While I don't know which is the best performing core in the whole wide world in terms of DMIPS, I'm sure that 13200 DMIPS is no unmatched figure.
    For lists of figures for various processors refer to:

    ("Dhry2", Opt" column is the one to look at)

    (values in the "RESULT" column must be divided by 1757 to get DMIPS figures)
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