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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > the XCGPU you mentioned, Andreas, may be two separate dies
    > under a common heatspreader.

    Seems it is not:


    Unreal! Thanks for that reference Andreas. I've been dying to know whether this was the case or not. If IBM, Global Foundries and ATI (owned by AMD) all cooperated with Microsoft to accomplish this its really impressive.
    The only real limit I can see to the design is the FSB connection between GPU and CPU. Its one chip, but the design is still basically the same as the older models.
    Not that I expect them to truly integrate the CPU and GPU, but I'm hoping that at some point that's AMD or Intel's intention. Otherwise the whole design looks like an early dual core Pentium (where the processors have to share and communicate through a bus).
    I know its a small complaint, but future CPU/GPU combos could use a better interconnects than the system bus.

    Still, a neat piece of work. Pity they can't be purchased. I still think it would make a great base for a motherboard (as would the Cell B.E.).

    I know there are plenty of people who think I may be a little too optimistic about the PPC's future, but there are some really nice designs out there (and the XBOX360 and PS3's designs remind me more of an Amiga than a standard PC does).

    Again, thanks for keeping the question in mind (if your memory was any sharper I'd think you were digital).
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