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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > AMCC is carrying forward a 40nm variant of their Titan core without
    > Intrinsity's Fast14 technology.

    As far as I understand, the new 40 nm core that is supposed to substitute the scrapped Titan core won't be a Titan variant but another core altogether, offering similar features. I'd be dissapointed if the undisclosed 40 nm core really is supposed to just be Titan with a shrinkage applied to it to make up for the abandonment of Intrinsity's Fast14 technology.

    Personally, I's settle for a Titan derived processor without Fast14. At 40nm it might scale fairly well. Even a 1.8 Ghz variant could be much more powerful than AMCCs current line.

    Until we see first hand the floating point capabilities of Freescales planned e5500 core, the (DMIPS) disadvantage of the Titan (or its successor) may not be as great as we're assuming.

    More than any other factor, the comparative price of e5500 cored and Titan cored processors and their availability may affect what products each is incorporated into.

    I could see a 1.8Ghz "Titan" based motherboard, if the cost could be kept down, making a nice substitute for Acubes product line or as an alternative to a Pegasos or Mac.
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