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    > Freescale has just released a 64bit successor to the e500, thr e5500.

    It's not released yet, just announced.

    > IBM has a processor based ion the P7

    That's what The Register claims at least. As I said, I'm not really convinced that PowerEN is really POWER7 based (see in-order vs. out-of-order execution).

    > AMCC is carrying forward a 40nm variant of their Titan core without
    > Intrinsity's Fast14 technology.

    As far as I understand, the new 40 nm core that is supposed to substitute the scrapped Titan core won't be a Titan variant but another core altogether, offering similar features. I'd be disappointed if the undisclosed 40 nm core really is supposed to just be Titan with a shrinkage applied to it to make up for the abandonment of Intrinsity's Fast14 technology.

    > It is even rumored that the next PlayStation portable will be Cell based.

    That rumour is utter nonsense. The PSP2 will most likely be nVidia Tegra 2xx (ARM Cortex-A9 core) driven.


    > Freescales planned e5500 cored products may be fast (Mips) than that
    > processor or Titan.

    In terms of DMIPS the e5500 will *definitely* be faster than the sinked Titan or a single PA6T core.
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