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    jcmarcos wrote:
    Exactly. I think Jim has "too much" faith in POWER coming back to consumer space. In this business, when something is abandoned, it NEVER comes back. Well, go tell that to Escom, Gateway, Bill McEwen...



    I'd hate to lumped in with Bill McEwen and those others.
    But to counter, the PPC has not been abandoned. Power 7 exists, PPC derived processors power all three major game consoles, and Freescale has just released a 64bit successor to the e500, thr e5500.
    IBM has a processor based ion the P7 and AMCC is carrying forward a 40nm variant of their Titan core without Intrinsity's Fast14 technology.
    It is even rumored that the next PlayStation portable will be Cell based.
    In what way is this an abandoned technology.
    I don't base anything on faith, these are real developments.
    PA Semi's Pa6T is real enough to power the X1000. Freescales planned e5500 cored products may be fast (Mips) than that processor or Titan.
    Things may have been a little slow, but developments (in PPCs) are actually picking up.
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