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    > I thought that when they announced the APM83290 they were moving from sampling
    > to full production rather quickly (faster than many larger companies).

    Less than 6 months for sampling is rather quick, yes. I guess that would have made up for the 2.5 years that passed from the announcement of the core to the announcement of the processor based on that core ;-) Btw, both the APM801xx and APM821xx are/were supposed to have an even shorter sampling phase of no more than 3 months according to the announcement press releases.

    > Applied Micro has never even mentioned this core on their website

    Apart from both the Titan press release (May 2007) and the APM83290 press release (October 2009) on appliedmicro.com there're some old product selector guides mentioning Titan:

    http://www.appliedmicro.com/Embedded/PPC-ProductSelectorGuide_v7-01.pdf (October 2007)
    http://www.appliedmicro.com/Embedded/ppc_psg_7%2002_111607web.pdf (February/March 2008)
    http://www.appliedmicro.com/Embedded/ppc_psg_7.3_092908.pdf (September 2008)

    See the roadmaps on each of these document's page 3 (and compare to the "roadmap" on page 4 of the most recent product selector guide (April/May 2010)).

    > most of the information currently available has come from press releases.

    I think the presentation PDF files scattered around the web and especially on power.org are much more informatory (including Titan block diagram) than the press releases:


    > At least when Freescale announced the e5500 they published a
    > block diagram showing the major parts of that core.

    The Intrinsity press release you linked to comes with a Titan block diagram (on the top right, but the link to the bigger version of the image is dead).


    Now I know what minator refers to and it's all making sense now. It's true: Titan is dead :-( Seems we're some weeks behind, Jim ;-)


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