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    >> Over there on the Bunny minator claims:
    >> "AMCC cancelled Titan"
    >> http://moobunny.dreamhosters.com/cgi/mbmessage.pl/amiga/174889.shtml
    >> Do you think that could be true?

    > No Applied Micro's not about to give up on Titan.

    There's again an interesting posting by minator:

    Some quotes regarding Titan:

    "Titan is [...] a completely new core design."

    I'm eager to see where this statement leaves Lauterbach's hint that Titan is PPC450 based.

    "Titan has been killed. Titan was actually designed by a company called Intrinsity*. Apple bought Intrinsity and suddenly Titan is no more. [...] *I went to a presentation by Intrinisity where they said this."

    Here we have minator's "Titan is dead" claim again.

    "The new Titan core design will not die, it will reappear at a later date."

    That's a confusing one for me. Just before he said that Titan was killed, to say one line further down that it's not been killed at all. Do I miss something here?
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