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    > Why does everyone discount the idea of Power7 being moved into
    > mainstream markets?

    Is anybody really doing this? :-) While the POWER7 "as is" is definitely not suited for our market(s) a trimmed down (features, power usage, cost) version surely could be. That's exactly what IBM did with the POWER4 after all.

    > When Apple required something more advanced than the G4 level
    > processor, the processors that were eventually designated as
    > G6s were designed incorporating features from higher end
    > Power systems.

    I take it you mean "G5", not "G6". And yes, the PPC970 aka G5 is a trimmed down POWER4.

    > Even the mass market Cell architecture gains some power
    > from similar incorporations.

    BigGun says that the Cell PPE architecture (while being way older, so it's probably the other way round) is related to the POWER6 architecture:


    > If IBM were again to target a large consumer market, why wouldn't
    > they base the product on their most powerful design yet? Isn't that
    > sort of what they've done in the past?

    Yes, exactly. But the real question is: Are IBM to target a large consumer market ever again with Power Architecture (not counting developments solely done for Microsoft or such)? :-)
    However, there is something going at IBM regarding alleged trimmed down POWER7 cores:


    I'm not sure if The Register is right though, because POWER7 is an out-of-order design while the A2 seems to be in-order. But the A2 core based PowerEN processor doesn't seem to be suited for our market(s) either, unfortunately.
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