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    It's you who are incorrect.

    Fine, we have established that you believe that you believe your words to state something contrary to what they would appear to state.


    Really, that's childish isn't it? Listen, despite what you've said to me, which has been fairly bad, and I don't retract what I said to you in response, I do give you enough credit that I wince to see you acting like that, and it makes me sorry for my part in the whole affair, which I don't enjoy at all.

    Well, again we can agree on one fact. That is has deteriorated into something childish. I don't ask that you retract anything you've said about me. At my age if you're not comfortably assure of yourself, then you're probably neurotic.

    But don't you think resuming this argument after such a long time is rather childish in itself? And if you won't retract what I perceive as a misstatement (and you stand by it) then who benefits by this continued, repetitious argument?

    Frankly, at first my only interest in this was to dissuade you and Andreas from continuing to repeat what had been a thoroughly rehashed difference of opinion.
    But now I must admit that we all must be enjoying this on some level.
    I certainly wouldn't continue to respond if this was actually about an e300 cored processor.

    Its more of a character test, and I think you and I are both losing (since we've both failed to stick to the facts).

    But, is it bad form to interrupt a thread that degenerated into two individuals trading back did too, did not comments? And is it unreasonable to poke fun at the entire matter? No, I don't think either is the case.

    It's not typical of me.

    No? Check my postings. I've readily admitted when I've been wrong in the past.
    You say you do the same, but where's the evidence of that?
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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