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    > both of those surrounding paragraphs refer specifically not only to 5121e-based
    > platforms but to non-5121e-based platforms: above to Limebooks (which includes
    > X86 models, remember?)

    Let's see:

    "I'd like to see where the software has gone with the Linkbook and LimePC models. All I have to go on is an original Cherrypa1 with an 18-months-old OS that I haven't been able to update."

    The Linkbook, which is a relabeled LimeBook Z9, is MPC5121e based. And while there're indeed x86 based LimePC models, your statement was about "where the software has gone" with them when we just before (see what you responded to with that posting) discussed the (lacking) driver support for both the PowerVR and the AXE core of the MPC5121e. None of the x86 based LimePC models have AXE or PowerVR. In fact, AXE is to date nowhere else than inside the MPC5121e and MPC5123, and the Atom based LimeBook Z10 has Intel GMA 950 graphics. So I conclude: This paragraph is solely about MPC5121e based hardware.

    > and below to ACube PPC computers.

    Let's see:

    "I don't mean to zero in on the 5121e as the only thing, but really even given the uncertainty it seems much more established to me than this other low-wattage, small stuff. I like the ACube computers too, but they are somewhat larger and higher wattage."

    Here you are mentioning ACube as a side note, yes. But your main point is clearly about the MPC5121e being superior over other solutions, which are (in your opinion) either not established enough or not small and low wattage enough.

    > those paragraphs would seem to indicate that I spoke broadly

    To me they indicate being focused on the MPC5121e and systems based on that very SoC.

    > I don't think you linked it right.

    I think I did.

    > Why don't you just quote it completely here?


    > Let the readers decide from that.

    Of course. It's all about transparency.

    > All without fresh commentary from you or me.

    Huh? Of course I do comment these paragraphs to prove that you subsequently try to mispresent their contents. After all, commenting them is what you just did yourself.

    > I'll leave it alone after that unless you start at it again.

    Starting exactly *what* again? Answering your postings that are directed at me?

    > I'm not going to respond to the stuff you said in the couple of posts before this

    Yes, that's quite obvious.

    > For the record I disagree with it.

    For your record I see that you ran out of arguments :-)
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