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    Frankly, I was waiting to see how you would respond.
    The long delay signifying more than you'd be willing to admit.
    You could use one paragraph (taken out of a group) as a signature block, but its content would be no less obtuse than most of what you've posted.
    I believe signature blocks are usually used to relay content that is thought provoking or clever. Most of what you've had to say is neither.

    And I'll stop posting my background information as, again, I'm not worried about your opinion on such matters.

    Your misstatement was completely clear. I will not post that content because its been done repeatedly and you fail to acknowledge it.
    Therefore, giving additional points you can analyze and then comment on merely allows you to dismiss your own mistakes and focus on what you perceive as the flaws in those that you think of as adversaries.

    Regardless of my personal history, I can read and understand English. Even when its poorly worded.

    Instead of adding the previously mentioned paragraph as a signature block, why not just add chip? Or you could switch to using that as your ID. Or we could just consider it your unofficial "nickname".
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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