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    > I think the problem is with your perception not my expressing myself.

    I think it's the opposite.

    > Strangely enough, no-one else but you seemed to acquire from those
    > clearly general words that I advocated putting a second PowerVR on a 5121e.

    Huh? I didn't acquire that you "advocated putting a second PowerVR on a 5121e" (how should that even be done?) but that you advocated putting a second PowerVR on a board with an MPC5121e, i.e. in addition to the MPC5121e. Seems you never stop confusing boards and chips *sigh*

    > you say yes, you really thought that was what I meant, eh?


    > Can we get a straight answer from you, Mr. Precision?

    Of course. I'm known for giving straight answers all the time. As well as I like to get straight answers to my questions.

    > That's honestly what you thought I meant?

    Again: yes.
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