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    > I spoke to the principle, not to these distinctions

    It's not my fault if you use terms that actually do not represent your thoughts. I can't read your mind. So if you write about a "chip" then I assume you actually mean a chip. Make sure you say what you mean, else communication just cannot work. And if you don't know the proper terms then read up on them beforehand (Internet makes that part easy). It's really not that hard to grasp the concept of what a computer chip is, I think.
    If you mean the "principle", as you say, then use the term "hardware". That's rather generic. A chip is a special kind of hardware, as is a core, which usually is part of a chip.

    > The principle is wider

    Your text mentioned a chip. That's what I referred to. It may be that you *thought* of the wider principle, i.e. hardware in general, but I can not read your thoughts.

    > I spoke generally and informally.

    I didn't know that the term "chip" does generally and informally describe the wider concept of hardware. I thought it's more the other way round (i.e. you can generally say "hardware" and refer to for instance a chip or a core, but you can't say "chip" and refer to other hardware than a chip).

    > I don't "try to turn into" anything.

    After I questioned your "chip" use you claimed you "spoke to the general idea of making use of (note: not necessarily "adding," esp. where already present) dedicated video hardware". But that's actually not what you *spoke* (= wrote) of, but rather what you may have *thought* of. That's a difference.

    > Actually video is a narrower concept than graphics, so those
    > words are as much narrower as wider.

    Huh? I was never about "video" vs. "graphics" but about "hardware" vs. "chip". You can use for instance "video card" and "graphics card" synonymously (at least that's my understanding from reading native English speakers here and elsewhere) but you cannot use the term "graphics chip" and actually include it to mean a graphics core which is inside a SoC (which itself *is* the chip actually). (But you can use "graphics hardware" and mean for instance a graphics card, a graphics chip or a graphics core.)

    > you really thought I meant that adding a second PowerVR to the
    > 5121e board would boost its performance. Yes or no?

    I didn't know what you *meant*. I just read what you *wrote*. And I tend to assume that one writes what he means. So the answer to your question is: Yes, I assumed that by "chip" you really meant a chip.
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