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    > some (see Wikipedia) even think the e5500 to actually be what was announced as e700 in
    > 2004. But taking into account how Freescale's presentations suddenly changed from the
    > e700 being based on e600 to being based on e500 shortly after Apple's mid 2005 switch
    > announcement we can assume that the e5500 actually is what has been on the roadmap
    > as "e700" since mid 2005, but not what had been on there as "e700" before, i.e. from
    > April 2004 to mid 2005.

    Answer from Preet Virk, strategic marketing director for Freescale's Networking Processor Division:

    "The e5500 is [...] unrelated to a previously mentioned e700 family"

    But then, he had not been with Freescale before April 2009. So maybe he just doesn't know?

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