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    @ Velcro

    literally an e300/400 doesn't lead nowhere. And while there are the limebooks I don't see them marketed in a way I would expect a market success. Look, last week there was a 99 EUR offer at a supermarket chain (Netto) for a little netbook, probably MIPS driven and coming with WinCE. More or less crap probably, but also working. *If* the limebook was offered at a similar price, or say 200 EUR (at least significantly less than an Atom based netbook), then I would assume they could get sold in serious quantities. But they aren't. Look to the southafrican offer. It is a combined offer for the device and the mobile internet access. But the prices doesn't seem too attractive to me. For that price they easily could include a higher spec'ed device.
    But as said, if they would sell those mini laptops for 150 EUR I think they would find their way to enough customers. But with the current price tag it is just too little power. An Atom based device is not really more expensive, the announced ARM devices are cheaper and more powerful. The Atom based devices have long lasting batteries now (often 6-9 hours).
    With a 8610 you cannot compete pricewise with an Atom board, but it has some serious power. Hence I think it would be the best chip for a netbook.
    The limebook comes with a too little battery. That's pretty unfortunate IMHO, because that way they don't use one of their advantages - the really low power uptake.

    Anyway, my Eee costed me ~250 EUR (incl. 19% VAT) nearly two years ago - I think that's the minimum bar to jump over if you want to score.

    It must meet at least one of teh following criteria:
    a) cheaper
    b) offer much longer battery time
    c) more powerful

    c is out of question with an e300/400MHz, b) unfortunately not implemented with the limebook, a) could probably be, but curently isn't.
    So yet, the limebook pulled the bar and got more or less diqualified. And to keep that sport analogy: Maybe they overjumped the 2m bar, which is really impressive (I cannot!!). But it isn't enough to join the elite. And as long as you don't join the elite you are not earning money/fame and must try harder or accept that it is (serious) hobby/amateurism only. The competition is just very hard.

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