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    > No once console hardware is designed, its basic functionality is locked in
    > until a completely new replacement is designed.

    I know, but I'm not about the XBox360 or any other console hardware, but about the XCGPU in itself and the (theoretical, but most improbable) possibility to be able to use it in an own design which is not a console. But yes, since it's not available to anyone besides Microsoft anyway we can very well pretend this 'XCGPU' doesn't exist at all ;-)

    > with current consoles running all functions via a hypervisor, we're not
    > likely to see complete access to functionality anyway

    Yes, I fully agree. See my statement there: https://morph.zone/modules/newbb_plus/viewtopic.php?topic_id=7186&forum=11#74250

    > If PowerVR has advanced as much as you've pointed out, perhaps
    > some of Intel's on-die projects will feature it.

    Maybe, not unlikely. After all, Intel is a PowerVR licensee. Intel used the PowerVR MBX in XScale PXA27x support chipsets years ago, and they currently (since November 2008) use the PowerVR SGX 535 renamed as GMA 500 in Atom Z5xx (Silverthorne) support chipsets.

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