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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    Err, now that sounds like a contradiction to what you just wrote before. If POWER7 implements both VSX and AltiVec/VMX (separately), then it would mean that the latter is *not* automatically there by having the former implemented, i.e. a processor with VSX but *without* AltiVec/VMX compatibility would be technically possible (and conforming to Power ISA 2.06+).

    Yes, you're right. The fact is that I'm confused myself. From the doc I posted earlier (page 4):


    POWER7 continues to support VMX / Extends SIMD support with VSX
    ?  2 VSX units that can each handle 2 Double-Precision FP instructions

    It's apparent that VSX is an extention of VMX. I got confused because those few times I read about VSX, I missed -or they omitted- VMX mentioned. And until now -that is until you made me read more about it :) - I thought they were distinctive units.

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