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    > Are you sure of any of this information, Andreas?

    I just quoted some things from the interwebs. How can one be really sure of anything written there? ;-)

    > I haven't seen a tear-down of the newest XBOX360, but one chip would
    > combine three different components.

    Yes, that's how I read it too.

    > Since the system has to operate the same as older XBOX360s this can't
    > offer any architectural advantages, only lower cost of production.

    Yes, no implications to the opposite. I was just referring to you stating that "all current processors offering this feature have horrible GPU performance". So I think this new Xenon version (or 'XCGPU' how it's called) seems to be a processor offering this feature while *not* having horrible GPU performance. But as I said, unfortunately not available outside Microsoft.

    > In a situation like that, I'd rather have separate components so I don't
    > complicate or limit upgrade ability.

    I don't know if today there really would be a need to upgrade from an R500/R600 hybrid like the Xenos GPU yet.
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