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    jcmarcos wrote:

    KimmoK wrote:
    the Power chip of xbox 360

    That's a sweeeeet PowerPC CPU! I was told that, in order to have terrific graphics output, it has the GPU "wired backwards", giving it priority over other general I/O lines. A quick jump to wikipedia would make me learn a lot, but I feel too amigan today.

    To me (without bothering to read down into details) it seems that xbox 360 has similar architecture as the xbox1, where the GPU does the memory controlling and CPU get's only what is left over from the GPU.
    Like classic Amigas with only Chip RAM.

    PPC SOC designs (440ep, 460ex, PA6T) have own memory controllers and they therefore should perform slightly better than chips with external controllers.
    :-x :-P 8-)
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