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    jcmarcos wrote:
    Sure? When do you think that the market split between Intel 32 and 64 bit CPUs will turn around? I mean, every computer I see over here is 32 bit, perhaps there's a couple 64 bit, running boring 32 bit software. Is that a "norm"?

    I don't know, perhaps it depends on the environment, for me here, the norm is 64-bit, as I don't really know anyone with a 32-bit PC anymore, unless it is an old laptop, but then again most of my friends are geeks :)


    All this talk about new PowerPC processots... Has anyone a rough idea about how much building a new PowerPC based computer would cost? It seems everyone and his dog are cooking ARM based 'puters nowadays, why the hell does it have to be so hard with our favourite CPU? Why doesn't freescale play the Beagleboard game? No Andreas, I don't think those "tower" development boards are the same.

    It's not easy, The beagleboard was a terrific idea, and this is what I attempted to do with the 8610 board -which is not dead yet, there are some ideas to revive it- and which would be a good ppc alternative, even if the X1000 is released and even if the 8610 is EOL'd.


    Where's bPlan, by the way? Gerald and Thomas got boring jobs? Or became millionaires and live in Bahamas, drinking caipirinhas? Pun intended, for those long time amigans.

    Busy with the EfikaMX :)
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