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    Zylesea wrote:
    Think about those ppl who don't drive trucks, SUVs or the likes, but rather go by train or bicycle. Size does matter ;-)

    I would focus on QorIQ.

    I am still a bit sad about the 86xx.

    Zylessa, trains and bicycles, man that's so European! I don't drive a truck or and SUV, but train service in my State is extremely limited (blame the US government for short sighted transportation policies) and a bicycle trip to work (for me) would be 80 miles round trip.

    And I think I could get used to a netbook, even with a small display and keyboard, if the screen resolution was better (say 1024X768 or at least 800X600) and there was more processing power (you're right 300 to 400 Mhz doesn't cut it these days).

    Andreas' minimum works, but again I'll agree with you that a QorlQ processor would be better. And it is a shame that the e600 core is EOL'd. I spent a lot of time studying apps for the 86xx processors.

    Still, small Apple G4 notebooks start with a 12" screens, so that's fairly compact (not quite a netbook, but not stupid sized like many laptops on the US market). We should eventually have support for those.

    And I'm glad a few people here have noticed to increase in PPC development. A consumer PA Semi based motherboard, AM titan based processors, the new e5500 64bit core - all welcome developments.

    Hopefully, I'll still be able to use MorphOS on fairly decent hardware for some time to come.
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