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    Jim wrote:

    Yes, you have a point. I have in strong interest in desktops and notebook computers, but the purpose of netbooks confuses me (perhaps longer battery life is the most important point).

    I can see the advantages of lower power draw and more convenient compact size, but the low power processors and hard to read smaller displays really put me off.

    Don't know about the majority, but I liked the idea of an ultra small notebook for years. I am not at home quite often, a netbook is just tiny enough to get carried with you all the time. Think about those ppl who don't drive trucks, SUVs or the likes, but rather go by train or bicycle. Size does matter ;-) The pocket mony price is another plus.
    I was hoping for an ultracheap mini ppc laptop when I heard about the 5200 years ago, but this was a while b4 Asus came along with their Eee. Manwhile the market has changed a lot and getting a foot between the door became more diffucult. And an 300/400MHz definitely leads nowhere today. An e300/800 could be still okay today, but only if really dirt cheap. I would focus on QorIQ.
    I am still a bit sad about the 86xx. The 8610 would have made a nice netbbok, but e600 seems to be EOL - well, who knows maybe Freescale rediscovers Altivec one day. At least ppc got a bit of momentum again recently.

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