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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    Yes, but you should see that there're actually two different things being discussed in this thread in parallel: (1) high-performing desktop systems and (2) low-power nettops/netbooks (where "faster" does often not equal "better").
    If you're not interested in discussing (2) then you should simply ignore anything related to that, including the e300 discussion.

    Yes, you have a point. I have in strong interest in desktops and notebook computers, but the purpose of netbooks confuses me (perhaps longer battery life is the most important point).

    I can see the advantages of lower power draw and more convenient compact size, but the low power processors and hard to read smaller displays really put me off.

    As I don't have any input that's constructive or informative on the e300 discussion, I'm dropping out of that part of the thread.

    And, since I also haven't seen a processor with an on die GPU that's worthy of consideration, I'll refrain from commenting on that concept. Maybe AMD or Intel's future planned releases will change my mind, but I still have a bad taste in my mouth from Cyrix's shot at this idea.

    While not intended for desktops or notebooks, an e5500 cored processor seems low draw enough for a good notebook. But the cost and complication of notebook design (and netbook design for that matter) make using anything but a pre-existing design impractical.
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