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    > Nice to know that when Powermac support is introduced, I can spend a few hundred
    > bucks and upgrade my Powermac's processor to match the X1000's horsepower.

    AFAIK there's still nothing said about support for 3rd party processor upgrades. Do you think they'll work out of the box with MorphOS? Regarding the 7448 specifically: https://morph.zone/modules/newbb_plus/viewtopic.php?topic_id=6910&forum=11#71008

    > is there anything smaller the 90nm?

    No, PPC970 family is 90 nm all over.

    > Why are we still discussing the e300?

    I think it's because some in this thread still see a market chance for an e300 based low-power nettop (like C114/C120/LimeBox/X1) or netbook (like LimeBook/Linkbook) running MorphOS. I just say that if it really must be e300 based (for whatever reason) then I'd be all for the MPC8377E. Anything performing below an 800 MHz e300 would be too weak for my own personal taste, in terms of nettops or netbooks that is (real desktop use being another matter altogether where I don't ever want to go below 1.5 GHz G4 again).

    > this isn't far enough away from the PowerPC 603e for my tastes.

    The e300c4 that is built in the MPC8377E (and MPC5121e) has twice the cache size of the 603e and is 2-way superscalar which the 603e (as well as e300 versions before e300c4) is not.


    Add to that the leap in clock rate from 300 MHz to 800 MHz. So I conclude that an 800 MHz e300c4 is at least 3 times as fast as a 300 MHz 603e in real life performance. That might be enough for a low-power nettop or netbook I think.

    > Better processors than these have already reached EOL.

    Yes, but you should see that there're actually two different things being discussed in this thread in parallel: (1) high-performing desktop systems and (2) low-power nettops/netbooks (where "faster" does often not equal "better").
    If you're not interested in discussing (2) then you should simply ignore anything related to that, including the e300 discussion.
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