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    Thanks for making all the careful calculations for speculations I made out of opinion, Andreas.
    I actually feel much better about MorphOS' current and proposed future supported hardware.

    I didn't downgrade, but my most recent purchase of an Emac doesn't quite have to power of your Mac Mini.

    Nice to know that when Powermac support is introduced, I can spend a few hundred bucks and upgrade my Powermac's processor to match the X1000's horsepower.

    Blame AIM for the G5's power usage. Since development stagnated and die size is too large (is there anything smaller the 90nm?).

    Why are we still discussing the e300? I know you love banter/speculation with a focus on correct information, but this isn't far enough away from the PowerPC 603e for my tastes. Better processors than these have already reached EOL.

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