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    I'd expect the 7447 to outperform a similarly clocked PPC460EX as well, and the dhrystone measurement you gave for the Titan don't look too promising either.

    A 7448 would outperform a 7447, and apparently the three processors you've mentioned would outperform that (of course, all based on - as you pointed out - a very artificial test).

    And Acube's pricing, based on performance, is worse than A-eon's.

    Now, as to the max speeds of the processors you've mentioned, they appear to be higher than the PA6T (unless that runs at 2.0 and so far its only been seen running at 1.8).

    Wouldn't we still be better off with G5 Powermacs. I can get a fairly well equipped high speed G5 for hundreds less than an Acube based system.

    And, when (if), we get Powermac support there are the 7447 and 7448 upgrades. A 1.8Ghz might or might not outperform an X1000, but its going to walk all over anything from Acube.

    As HD video decoding with current MorphOS supported hardware can be problematic at really high res, why worry about even slower hardware than the Pegasos?
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