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    > From the DMIPS/MHz per core figures you've list earlier

    Dhrystone is a very artificial benchmark.

    > the e500, e600, G5, and e5500 if run at similar speeds would all outperform the PA6T.
    > Of course, not all those cores clock to 1.8 Ghz (or above), but several do.

    From my list only e5500, PPC970 and PPC470 would be able to beat the 1.8 GHz PA6T in DMIPS figures at their respective maximum clock rates.

    > you better hope you can find a good used Pegasos, because otherwise
    > you're stuck running on one of Acube's anemic boards.

    I'm eager to know how the PPC460EX performs in real life compared to the equally clocked MPC7447 in the Pegasos II G4. I expect the G4 to perform somewhat better though, even without AltiVec.
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