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    Jim wrote:
    There's no point in being obsessively argumentative here.

    Hey, they're Amiga people- what do you expect? ;-)


    I don't understand why are so many posters fascinated by low cost, low performance systems built for third world markets. Do you really want to put an OS on a PC that costs more than the computer?

    This could be a great way to go for penetration of developing market though: with MorphOS available to OEMs at a low-cost (or charitable donation) OEM price, if proven to perform well on eg the "$100 noteboook" compared to eg Linux, we could have a realistic way to increase the userbase by an order (or several) of magnitude. Not to mention people's brand loyalty to the first OS with which they learned to use a computer.

    Dreaming perhaps, but an example of how the low-cost low-performance systems could be very interesting for MorphOS.

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