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    > Even there, you can't resist removing the paragraph break. That didn't happen with the
    > copy and paste. You went in and removed a blank line. Am I wrong? Yes or no?

    No, you are right. I like to have things condensed. And I don't think that removing the blank line changed anything in meaning. After all, there's still the paragraph break, isn't it?

    > At least you included the Theora part. You didn't include that in your first quote
    > of this text, or in your second expanded one.

    Yes, as I prefer to not quote things I'm *not* referring to. Wouldn't make any sense. I didn't refer to "more RAM" but to "dedicated graphics chip". And in that I didn't refer to "Theora decoder" but to "PowerVR". That's why I omitted "more RAM" as well as "Theora decoder". I can't see anything dishonest in that.

    > You're mashing the paragraphs together

    I removed a *blank* line. The paragraph break ist still there.

    > they still don't say to add a second PowerVR to a 5121e computer.
    > [...]
    > None of that refers to adding a second PowerVR to a 5121e system.

    Let's see. There are 4 paragraphs. In the 2nd one you talk about Linkbook, LimePC and your Cherrypal C114, i.e. MPC5121e based computers only. In the 4th paragraph you explain that the other "low-wattage" processors than MPC5121e are not established enough for your liking. And now you say that inbetween, i.e. in the 3rd paragraph, you didn't mean to include the MPC5121e when mentioning "slow, low-wattage processor"? Yes or no?

    > I was not thinking of PowerQiCC.

    Thanks for eventually answering that question. So it seems you don't necessarily think the MPC5121e to be much more established than the PowerQUICC II Pro. Good to have that clarified.

    > I don't think I've ever discussed network or routers or automotive or
    > point-of-sale etc. computers here.

    Huh? PowerQUICC is not a whole system but a *processor* family. You referred to "other things being talked about" and "this other low-wattage, small stuff". And PowerQUICC II Pro actually *had been* talked about right before here in this thread and *is* low-wattage, small stuff. So there's no ill will involved in assuming you may have included PowerQUICC II Pro when mentioning "other things being talked about" and "this other low-wattage, small stuff".
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