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    There's no point in being obsessively argumentative here.

    And I'm not impressed with the performance of the 5121e (and PowerVR is ancient).

    As to PowerQUICC II Pro based processors, since they use the e300 core (based on the PowerPC 603e that runs in some Amiga accelerators) these processors are not limited to the applications you've mentioned (they could easily run MorphOS).

    Further, PowerQUICC is being supplanted by the software-compatible QorIQ platform on e500 cores. As we were discussing the latest development to the e500 core (the e5500) and the P50xx processors based on that core use less than 30 watts, that seems like reasonably low wattage. And there are lower wattage PPC processors available that don't give up as much performance as the 5121e.

    I don't understand why are so many posters fascinated by low cost, low performance systems built for third world markets. Do you really want to put an OS on a PC that costs more than the computer?

    Recently when I discussed PPC based systems with the owner of Varisys (the designers of the X1000 motherboard) I got this response:

    "In terms of PPC we are thinking QorIQ here for higher end designs."

    We can continue to discussing relatively dead end processors like the 5121e and the PA6T, or resume discussing processors that seem to have a future.

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