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    Thanks for the clarifications on your part, Andreas (as I said, I would never presume to speak for you). And you had a clearer picture of the PA6T and about Varisys' owner than I ever did. After contacting Varisys, I found your input on these points to be very informative (and in the long run dead on).
    I just got my first response back from Freescale. They want me to dig up the name of the contact I made when I first received my NDA.
    I've looked for it in my e-mail, but when I found it the e-mail server crashed. So, now I'll have to wait till that's back up.
    But then, if the P5010 isn't due to be released till Q4, I've got some time to make sure my NDA is up to date.

    BTW - Thanks for bringing up this processor. The last of the e600 cored SoCs were becoming a bit dated and their development had stopped. I can't remember where I saw the 3.0 Ghz quote, I've been all over (the internet) since you first brought this up. But you're correct first 2.0 and 2.2 Ghz, then 2.5 Ghz. Twice the speed of the MPC8641! This looks very promising.

    Once I have the basic specifications on the P5010 and can get an idea of how complicated a basic design utilizing this processor would be, I can reconnect with the manufacturer I have a relationship with in PA and see if its worth pursuing.

    The 5500 cored processors certainly look more hopeful than the MPC86XX or the low end AM processors that Acube uses.

    Thanks again for being such a well informed member of the community.
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