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    > months before anyone else was discussing Varisys, Andreas and I were
    > speculating about that company's owner

    You and me started speculating about Varisys here on MorphZone beginning of April, in this very thread. But discussion of Varisys as the potential Nemo designers had started beginning of January on amigaworld.net (by BigBentheAussie):

    I have then merely joined this educated assumption:
    http://www.amiga-news.de/de/news/comments/244232.html (German)

    > While Freescale has canceled the e700, they appear to have incorporated
    > some of the e700's features in their latest evolution of the e500 core.

    As discussed here in this thread, some (see Wikipedia) even think the e5500 to actually be what was announced as e700 in 2004. But taking into account how Freescale's presentations suddenly changed from the e700 being based on e600 to being based on e500 shortly after Apple's mid 2005 switch announcement we can assume that the e5500 actually is what has been on the roadmap as "e700" since mid 2005, but not what had been on there as "e700" before, i.e. from April 2004 to mid 2005.

    > I have no idea how A-eon managed to secure PA6Ts

    Let's hope A-Eon will tell this "quite a story" as soon as they officially confirm the PA6T :-)

    > a design goal of 3.0 Ghz

    Is this insider information? Freescale officially announced the e5500 to be able to scale up to 2.5 GHz.

    > I (and I believe Andreas, although I wouldn't claim to speak for him) believe
    > strongly that our future still lies in PPC (or PPC related) processors. [...] PPC
    > is not dead, hell its not even resting.

    My stance on this:
    Power Architecture seems dead regarding CPUs specifically designed for desktop use. But it's far from dead regarding CPUs that while being designed for other domains could be used for proper desktop designs as well. It's "just" that someone has to develop, build and market such designs for this small market ;-)
    But to make it clear, "PPC or nothing" is not my credo, rather as I told before: As a MorphOS user, my interest lies where MorphOS is. For now that's Power Architecture :-)
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