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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    the SoC has a PowerVR core on-chip already. The discussed driver problem for the PowerVR core wouldn't magically be eased if that core was additionally put to a dedicated chip (resulting in two unsupported cores).

    But it would perform different. I was told that, being the PowerVR core an internal device of the CPU, its usage does block the CPU, not very different to what happens in the original Amiga design, when you ask too much to its custiom chips. The graphics core does steal bandwith to the CPU.

    If the graphics core is setup outside the CPU, connected to a PCI bus, these wait states would not cause blocking.

    If you want me to explain it better technically, sorry, I can't. But I believe the source that explained it to me years ago.

    Then, how come that there are many SoCs with internal graophics cores, and living so happy? I don't know...
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