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    > during a talk a Freescale guy used Apple's switch as the reason for putting it on hold.

    Yes, I've known that story from you.

    > I akways thought it was just the successor of the e600 with Altivec.

    Me too. That's why I'm so astonished by what the Wikipedia articles say in that regard.

    > somewhere in the back of my mind I think I heard of Altivec being part of the e700 core.

    I thought so too. But maybe you and me were just implying that by assuming it would be derived from e600? Otherwise I'd find it odd that I can't chase down an (official) online document explicitly stating AltiVec as an e700 feature.

    > Maybe after Apple left and Freescale saw teh network communication as their new
    > major target they decided to make the e700 a Altivec-less core which then could
    > better get derived from the e500. Since teh e700 was mostly paper work at that time,
    > I think it is pretty possible, that Freescale just changed the basics of the e700.

    Interesting thought :-)
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