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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    Can it really be that e700 was supposed to be based on e500 (and not on e600) from the very beginning? For instance, I couldn't find one single document listing AltiVec as a planned e700 feature, which is further supporting the Wikipedia editor's view.

    I just looked up my older Fresscale documents (from 2005). I found the e700 only in the context of network processors. And while it isn't stated that the e700 would include Altivec the evolution diagram suggests that.
    There are two major branches on the diagram, one for the e500 core with several 85xx chips on it. That branch just continues with an arrow to the future.
    The second major branch starts with 74xx and branches itself in 2005 into two subarrows, one continuing teh 74xx series and one integrated host processors starting withe the 8641D and directly continues with the 87xx (64 Bit, 2.5 GHz).
    *I* would understand that diagram in a way that the e700 would be the continuation of the e600. But it is nowhere explicitly stated in my documents.

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